Lab Tests & X Rays

You should consider visiting an urgent care center if you are experiencing a health problem or minor emergency for which you need a same-day appointment with a physician.

Available Lab Tests

If you are visiting your urgent care provider for the first time, you can expect your urgent care provider to perform diagnostics in the office, such as x-rays or laboratory testing. View a list of our available lab tests below. 

Did You Know...

that x-rays are safe for the average person? In fact, the National Institutes of Health report that most x-rays give off no more radiation than the amount you would receive naturally from the environment over the course of 1 to 2 weeks. Despite the relatively small levels of radiation, some patients may still be instructed to wear lead aprons as a precaution to protect certain areas of the body from exposure during an x-ray.

X-Rays & Lab Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Urine analysis by our doctors can check for complications such as high blood pressure (preeclampsia) and gestational diabetes. Both of these conditions can be treatable when identified and dangerous if left undiagnosed.

Screening tests cannot determine whether or not the child has a congenital disorder, but more or less observe any disorders, such as a heart condition. Diagnostic testing detects genetic history through the woman’s genes and chromosomes and diagnoses the risk factors during the pregnancy.

Our methods of care involve working with our patients throughout all stages of their pregnancy. We strive for the highest standard of care through our screening and testing, and our obstetricians can guide you through your baby’s development. Our advice is not to be afraid to ask questions because we value our relationships with our patients above all else when it comes to women’s health.

Blood samples help check for factors such as hCG levels, blood type, Rh factor, and immunity to diseases that will most likely be passed down. Blood tests can also screen for cystic fibrosis, thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, and other genetic conditions unnoticed before conception.

While testing can be a stressful experience, finding out information about your child can be powerful. By participating in these tests, you, as an expecting mother can make better health decisions regarding your child, and make decisions to help prepare for unexpected conditions. We see many benefits to these tests. At our clinic, we provide an extensive collection of tests and screening for every case, because when it comes to your health, we specialize in giving the most comprehensive women’s health care.

Other benefits of testing during your pregnancy include:

  • Help prevent the onset of serious diseases/infections
  • Prepare ahead of time for genetic disorders
  • Treat diseases through safe prenatal medication
  • Prepare parents for their child’s future

There are many reasons why your doctor may order an x-ray. Frequently, patients undergo x-rays to detect broken bones associated with an injury. However, x-rays may also be used in other circumstances, such as to detect pneumonia. Only your doctor can determine whether an x-ray is appropriate for you.

An x-ray takes only seconds to complete, with most of the time spent preparing for it. Your doctor or x-ray technician will instruct you to stand or lie down in front of the x-ray machine in a specific position. He or she may place a lead apron over you to protect your abdomen from radiation exposure. The image is taken quickly and painlessly, allowing your doctor to review the results nearly immediately.

Your doctor may be able to make a complete diagnosis based on an x-ray alone. However, some patients require additional testing or diagnostic imaging. Based on the results of your x-rays and tests, your doctor will make a diagnosis and develop a plan for treatment.

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